What does the “Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner” do?

We have different approaches. Listening is our top priority. Once we know the situation of the family, we help to organise the hospital stay, accommodation of the parents next to the hospital, administrative stuff, special holidays, the care of the siblings and a psycho-social support. If they wish, we can offer the families a household help for ironing and cleaning.

 All the little patients and their siblings are welcome from Monday to Friday in our children’s house in Strassen. We pick them up at home and organise activities according to the age and needs of the children: homework, sports, painting, handicraft works, pedagogical workshops. We work in small groups to  cover the children’s needs in the best possible way.

Moreover, we have a parents’ house in Brussels, the Maison Losch, which has 7 rooms at the disposal for families of children that are hospitalised in the Belgian capital. A holiday flat at the Belgian coast completes our offer. It allows the families to make a break and recover.

Research is another important point. We support projects that concentrate on infantile cancer in order to heal our patients as quickly as possible and to get more efficient treatments.

Who gets support from the foundation?

Children aged from 0 to 18 years that are suffering from cancer or other rare and life-threatening illness.

What is your biggest difficulty?

The fact that not every child can be healed. That’s very difficult and it’s every time a big defeat because we believe that it should be possible to heal every child. Their pain is also an important issue. That’s why we want to support research more intensively.

Moreover, the social environment has become more complicated over the last years. The financial limit is reached more rapidly than before. We often play the role as mediator with the employer and try to find solutions.